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If you’re Posting ads on Backpage to sell your product online, stop wasting your time. This is not going to make you any money. Here is the reason.


Backpage is for Marketers, not Customers

Over the last two days, I placed over 500 ads on Backpage. I got responses, in fact, about two hundred. Of these responses, only two were for purchases of my product. This is a .4 percent conversion rate, which is not what I had in mind. The remaining responses were from other marketers who were trying to sell me their product. Backpage is not a good place to sell products. However, in fairness to Backpage, it will get you links to your website. This is always a good thing.

Also, in all fairness, a .4 percent conversion rate is better than no conversion rate. Perhaps it’s worth trying again.

People browse Backpage to sell, not to buy

Internet marketers love to browse the Business Opportunity section of Backpage. They try to learn how other marketers advertise. Many of them copy the methods for their own advertising campaigns.

Backpage is no different from the other websites where you can place online classified ads, with one exception. Craigslist is the leader in online classified advertising. People who go to Craigslist are really looking to buy something. But they are not necessarily looking for the kind of products an internet marketer is offering. The problem with Craigslist is, they no longer allow you to use as much web design and links in your ad as they once did. It has its limitations. Backpage does not have these limitations. Or course, if you post more than three ads on Backpage, they will start ghosting your ads just like Craigslist. There is an easy way around this, whereby, you can place a thousand ads without having a single ad ghosted.

I’m not giving up on Backpage. I’m still going to post ads, because you can post ten ads in about ten minutes. I’m not anticipating any earthshaking results. However, if I’m wrong, I will let you know the results. You can try your luck with Backpage, but don’t expect too much.

credit-repairIn a previous article, I showed you 12 reasons you should never use a Credit Repair Agency. Now, I’m going to show you 14 things to do that will establish AAA Credit Rating in 30 Days. Many people who have experienced credit problems are familiar with these actions. The problem is, not everyone knows how to use them. Once you learn how to do these things, repairing your credit will be the easiest thing you have even done in your life.

If you have credit problems, PLEASE read this article entirely. You are going to be pleasantly surprised at what you discover.

Repair your Credit to AAA Rating

To get your Credit Rating to AAA in 30 Days, these are the things you need to do.

Establish relationships with the Credit Reporting Agencies

Credit Reporting Agencies are entirely different from Credit Repair Agencies. They don’t repair credit. They monitor credit for everyone who has ever obtained credit. These are the people who have your complete credit reports. There is a way to establish a good working relationship with these agencies, which is very important if you want to restore your Credit Rating to AAA.

repairing-your-credit-is-easy-to-doWork and deal with the Credit Reporting Agencies

Establishing a good working relationship with these agencies is the first step towards getting your Credit Rating restored to the way it originally was. There are ways to get these people to work with you, that are unfamiliar to many people who believe their credit is beyond hope.

Get Positive Information on your Credit Report

By now, you have established relationships with the Credit Reporting Agencies and they are willing to work with you. It’s now time to get items to show up on your Credit Report that will work for you, instead of against you.

Know beforehand what lenders will see on your Credit Report

Once you get into the comfort of working with Credit Reporting Agencies, you’ll always have your most recent credit reports. This will give let you know, right away, your chances of getting credit before you even approach a lender. Again, this is something you will be able to do yourself.

Make lenders want to Lend you the Money

This may seem far-fetched, but it’s true. Do a little ground work, and you will have lenders literally begging you to let them give you a loan. It makes no difference what your Credit Rating was when you started. Remember, you are now in the process of cleaning it up – PERMANENTLY!

Remove damaging information from your Credit Report

Just as you can get positive information to show up on your Credit Report, you can also remove negative information from it. The process is really simple, especially is you know exactly how to do it.

Find incorrect information that should’t be on your Credit Report

Credit Reports are not accurate. Just about every Credit Report has damaging information that should not even be there. There are easy ways to have these false and damaging items removed from your report right away.


Clean up your Credit Report

Once you learn how to get positive information added, and negative information removed, your credit report will be cleaned up immediately. Next, you need to add additional positive information to your Credit Report.

Stop Creditors from calling you

You don’t have to be rude to them, There is a very tactful and professional way to get creditors to stop calling you. Once you get this burden off your back, then you can concentrate on the bigger picture, which is, getting AAA Credit restored.

Establish good relationships with Bankers and Lenders

Now that you’ve cleaned up your credit report, you must build confidence with the people who will be lending you money in the future. You’ll need them, because you now want to add more positive information that will make your Credit Rating even better.

Apply for a Credit Card

By now, you should have no problem applying for a Credit Card, and getting approved. To build AAA Credit, you need more Credit. This may come as no surprise to most people. There are ways to get any credit card you want, no matter how your credit rating was in the not-so-recent past.

Improve your Cash Flow

Credit and cash have everything to do with each other. Improving your cash flow will assure you that you will be able to build your Credit Rating, and get it to where you want it to be. There are ways to improve your Cash Flow without using your own money.

Don’t be in a hurry to pay your bills

Your only concern is that you pay your bills by the due date. That’s all any creditor or lender expects from you. You’ll find out why it be more harmful to your credit by paying bills ahead of time.

Stay away from Credit Scammers

When it comes to your Credit Rating, don’t trust anyone but yourself. When I recommended that you stay away from the Credit Repair Agencies, there was a reason.. These Credit Scammers will not help your Credit Rating. They will destroy it.

Repair Your Credit Yourself

It’s very easy to perform all of the actions listed above. However, you must know two things. First, you must how to do them, and second, you must know how to begin the process.

All of the items listed are what a Credit Counselor will supposedly do for you. If you know how to do them yourself, you don’t need the Credit Counselor. Remember, he does not know any more about credit than you will know. But the Credit Counselor is not going to move so fast. He will drag this process out for as long as a year. At a minimum of $69 per month, plus any up-front payment the Credit Counselor may require, you could easily be well over a thousand dollars in the hole. And the worse part is, your credit will not be repaired until the Credit Counselor does his part.



You’ll definitely want to repair your credit yourself. Credit Repair Kits are available, but not without limitation. Most are very expensive. Many have hidden charges. Some are lures to get you to enter into a contract with a Credit Counselor, and they only tell you about one tenth of what you need to know.

Over the years, I provided financial planning and credit counseling for thousands of clients. I’ve compiled every thing I know about repairing your credit in an easy to follow format, Charlie’s Credit Remedy. This not only shows you how to do the things you need to do to get your credit repaired. It also takes you directly to the places you need to go in order to perform such action as, Establishing Relationships with Credit Reporting Agencies, Updating your Credit Report, and others. Watch the Video for Charlies Credit Remedy. It explains everything.

I promise you, there is nothing else you will need. If you have this, you will know exactly how to get AAA Credit Rating in 30 Days. And let me make something perfectly clear. Charlie’s Credit Remedy is not going to put you $69 in the hole. If you’re experiencing credit problems, I know that money is a major concern for you. I have taken this into consideration. You’ll discover this very shortly. But I’m going to offer you more.

24 / 7 Unlimited Support

When I was a practicing CPA, one of the services I rendered was financial planning and credit counseling. My billing rate was $125 an hour. But this is not what you’re going to pay us. You’re not going to pay us another cent. Once you get Charlie’s Credit Remedy, that’s it, My Friend. There’s nothing else you will be asked to purchase, and there’s nothing else you will need. Between our system, and our 24/7 online support, you will have everything you need to repair you own credit yourself.

You will also have all of the information you need to start your own Credit Repair Company, if that is what you want to do. Who knows? Maybe you can start your own business, and give the industry a much better reputation.

With Charlie’s Credit Remedy, we are offering unlimited lifetime support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have any questions or problems, we will resolve them for you within 24 hours. This is not a paid subscription service. This is available as long as you have our credit repair system. It will NOT cost you another penny.

Please, let us help you. If you don’t get AAA Credit Rating after we work with you, then it’s just not meant to be. But this, My Friend, is not going to happen. We’re going to help you restore your credit the way it should be – GRADE A, and we’re also going to help you to keep it that way, from now on.



credit-repair-agencyThe timing could not be better. Today, many people are having problems with their credit. You already know how important a good credit rating is. If you don’t have good credit, you must act quickly, and do something to correct the situation.

This is the first of two articles that will help you Repair Your Credit. This article is going to recommend what you should not do. The second article will tell you the things you should do. By the time you read these two articles, you will be able to repair your credit yourself. Don’t be intimidated by this. Once you learn what you need to do, and how to do it, repairing your credit will be the easiest thing you have ever done.

Read this article to the end, and read the next article, which will be live shortly. When you have read them both, you will know that there is a much better alternative than using a Credit Repair Agency.

Don’t deal with a Credit Repair Agency

There are thousands of Credit Repair Companies. Some are referred to as Clinics, and some as Agencies. A few are good, but most of them are scams. But even if you use one of the better Companies, you’re still going to be in worse shape. My recommendation is that you repair your own credit yourself. By the end of this article, you’ll know why, and hopefully, you’ll know how to do it.

Here are the 12 reasons you should never use a Credit Repair Agency:

Credit Repair Companies are very expensive

Some are more expensive, and some are less. Even the less expensive ones will charge you about $69 per month. Many Companies will ask for an up-front payment that can be as much as $3,000. In light of your situation, don’t think they’ll extend you credit. They’ll get their money from you, one way or another.

There’s no guarantee

Doctors, lawyers and CPA’s don’t guarantee their work. Why would a Credit Repair Agency be any different. Some will claim there is a guarantee, but don’t believe it. Others will tell you, up front, that your charges will be refunded if they don’t remove over 75 percent of the negative items from your credit report. This is a red flag, indicating that they are not even sure that they can help you. But they’re not going to tell you this because they want your business.

Credit Repair Companies have their own agenda

Like lawyers, Credit Repair Companies are going to do things their way, and only their way. Whether you think it’s in your best interests or not, they do it the way they want. I’d like to think that their way is in your best interests, but I can’t. Most of the time, they are looking out for their best interests.

Credit Repair Companies don’t know any more about credit repair than you know

This is the one most important reason why you should not deal with a Credit Repair Company. Knowing is not necessarily what you have in your head at the present time. It’s more about knowing where to get the information you need. After reading this article, hopefully you will know just as much as the Credit Agents know. Most of them acquired knowledge for starting their business by just reading a book about Credit Repair.

Many Credit Repair Companies require you to sign a contract

This is not what you want. You are trying to get out of one or more bad situations that were caused by signing contracts. Signing another contract, and getting into another bad situation is the last thing you need at this time.

Some Companies will say, “If we don’t clean your credit, you owe us nothing.”

NOT GOOD! Don’t even consider doing business with them. Of course, I recommend that you don’t do business with any of them. But these guys are probably hustlers. They’ll try to lure you into the door, and then manipulate you. If they can’t clean up your credit, they’ll always claim that there’s another alternative. This can drag out for as much as a year, in which case, you’ll never get your money back.


Anyone can start a Credit Repair Company or Agency

No states require a Credit Repair License. There’s no special training required. All someone has to do is read a few books, gain a little knowledge, and they’re in business. A Credit Repair Company can be started for about $500. The profit potential is enormous. This should tell you that the people who start this type of Company are only in it for the profits. This leads to the next reason why you should never deal with a Credit Repair Company.

They don’t care about you

They just want your business and your money, and thousands more just like you. Just think, with a thousand clients, that’s $69,000 a month in their pockets, with very little overhead. Pay them the monthly fee, and you’ll very seldom hear from them. At least when you deal with an Attorney, Doctor or CPA, you get some personalized service. There is nothing personal when dealing with these people. It’s all business. If they help you they help you. If they don’t, they don’t, but the bottom line is, they still want to get paid.

You don’t know who you’re dealing with

Someone who has never worked in financial services may have gotten the idea of starting a Credit Repair Company from an article he read in Entrepreneur Magazine. He may be a bag stuffer at Publix who wants to find a better way to earn money. If he has $500 and knows how to manipulate, he can start a Company very easily. Would you want to deal with someone like this?

Some owners of Credit Repair Companies have shady backgrounds

Some might even have criminal records. A guy who has served 10 years in prison could easily come out and start a Credit Repair Company. Some, but not all, who claim to be Credit Repair specialists are no different from Loan Sharks.

The people working for the Companies are incompetent

If the bag stuffer from Publix starts a Credit Repair Agency, do you think he’s going out to recruit the best Credit Repair Specialists in the business? Certainly not. For starters, he does not have the knowledge or the money. He’ll hire one of the cashiers from the store, which is probably in exchange for other favors. I know this sounds far-fetched, but this is the way it is in many cases. If you deal with a Credit Repair Agency, you could be dealing with someone who is trying to help you with something he knows nothing about. Do you want your livelihood in the hands of this kind of riffraff? I hope not.

You will be worse off than you were when you started

You have absolutely no control over your own credit report. Allow access to your credit files with the Credit Reporting Agencies, and these people will know everything about you. And don’t forget, you are now vulnerable when it comes to identity theft. When all is said and done, you could be another two to three thousand dollars out of pocket. Is you deal with a credit repair scam artist, you credit rating will be worse than it was before.

In the next article, I’m going to show you how to repair your own credit, and restore it to AAA rating. After you see this, you will know as much as these Credit Repair Agencies know. In fact, you will probably know much more.

This way, you’ll be able to repair your own credit. This way, you’ll have the advantage. You will have control over everything that goes on. After all, who better is there to repair your credit than you.


how-to-say-anything-to-anyoneHow would you like to generate cash and profits from your website like you never thought possible? You can do it, you know. It’s all in how you communicate with people. These people are your visitors, and the ones who are the most important. They will determine how successful your website will be.

Here are the 7 ways to make your website a powerful 24 hour cash machine:

1) Post powerful content

This first step gets things started in the right direction. Provide content for your visitors that will immediately have them on the edge of their seats. Your business is people. Your one and only concern is that the people, aka, your visitors are happy when they visit, browse, and leave your website. Make sure this happens, and they will be back, I assure you. When people read your content, you want them to be hitting themselves on the head and asking themselves, “Man, why haven’t I been here before?”

People come to your site to learn something you know, but they don’t know. Take a good look at yourself and ask the question, “What do I know that would interest people and help them?” This is how you get powerful content on your site. Spark ideas, emotions, concepts and useful information unfamiliar to your readers.

2) Don’t post huge slider ads

Too many websites do this, and the only thing bigger than the ad is the turn off. I hate websites that post huge slider ads above the content. To the people who do this, allow me to voice my opinion. If you think these huge sliders will sell your product, you are very much mistaken. People don’t buy from ads. They buy from trust and confidence. Do what is recommended in the first step (content), and do what’s in this step, which is, lay off the big ads, and that trust and confidence will build in a Minnesota minute.

The next part is where you will really start to build confidence and trust.

3) Get names and emails of all who comment

Don’t be misled. This has nothing whatsoever to do with building an email list. Besides, this is starting to gain less popularity anyway. My reason for your doing this is much more important.

Over the years, I’ve commented on many websites. Only a handful of website owners have written me back. It was not just your standard thank you email, or one generated by a plug-in. It was personal. They wanted to get to know me better. Do the same with the people who comment on your website. These people are not only your visitors. They are your friends. Email them and talk to them as if your were engaging in a normal conversation. Ask them to write you back. Establish relationships with everyone you  write to. Very fast, these people will say to themselves, “Wow, this guy is serious and really cares about his visitors.”

Think about this. When you start a brick and mortar business, the first thing you do is tell every friend you have that you are in business. You ask them to come visit you, and to tell others they know to do the same. Other than the brick and mortar, a website is no different. It’s still a business. But now you have a decisive advantage. Your friends are not just in your local area. They are all over the world.

Make relationships happen. You must capture information so you can begin conversations with all of your visitors. These visitors are also your potential customers, and they also know others who are potential customers.

Remember, when someone stops by your website, it’s like someone visiting your store. It’s not the end. It’s just the beginning of a relationship.

4) Keep the people you write to up-to-date

Let them know everything that’s going on in your website. This allows you to drop in sales pitches form time to time. You realize that the valuable information you’re offering is the Cyber Key that unlocks the mind of the customer. Once you get in, the sales pitch pops out.

When you write to them to keep them up-to-date, remember to do this in a way that is conducive to a normal conversation. Don’t use any mechanical device like an RSS feed, because this will take away the personal touch, and will turn people off.

5) Send your people direct offers

By entering into personal relationships, you can send email that offers valuable information while also making a presentation for a product or service. This works very successfully.

6) Take their interests to heart

This step and the next can be done in the both the emails to your new friends, and in the content you post on your website. Present a complete, compelling case for buying your product or service. Don’t make the mistake many people make by trying to sell too many products from one website. Big banner ads with little text do not cut it. It takes a lot of information to convince someone to order from you. Don’t be afraid of writing a letter or post that’s too long. What you write can never be too long, but it can be too boring.

7) Stay on track and be specific

Finally, you must present your offer in a clear, concise manner. Don’t clutter your website with irrelevant information about what you are trying to promote. Many people do this. Stay on track. Take control. Lead your prospect through your complete offer, and continue leading straight to the order form.


This process is like a rolling snowball. It will take you less time to get it moving than you think. Once it gets rolling down the hill, there is no limit to what your website will become.

In about a week, I’m going to show you how to write a very convincing sales letter that is very personable, but not a turn off. You sure don’t want to miss this.

people-who-dont-talk-are-successfulClickbank – All based on HYPE

You probably know that Clickbank is an online marketing company that sells downloadable digital products. It’s a connection between the creator of the products (vendors) and the affiliate marketers. That’s enough of the refresher. Now I’m going to tell you something you don’t know.

I’ll get right to the point. You’re not going to make any money with Clickbank. Selling Clickbank Products is like trying to sell a house to someone who has never gone inside it, or a car to someone who has never driven it. People who claim to have made money with Clickbank like to talk about what they have not been able to accomplish. For example, a guy creates a product on how to make a million dollars online, and tells you how he did it. If he really made a million dollars, why would he even bother with Clickbank?

Two kinds of people who deal with Clickbank

Clickbank provides services for vendors and affiliates. Vendors create products and sometimes sell them. Affiliates buy them, test them, review them, market them, sell them and finally earn a commission. But do the affiliates really buy, test and review? No! They take the easy way out and just market and try to sell. So right off the bat, you should be getting the impression that Clickbank is not only a scam. It promotes other scams.

12 reasons why Clickbank sucks

1) They don’t pay. If you’re an affiliate, and you sell their products, you’ve earned a commission. Earning it and receiving it are two different things entirely. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a payment. It will not happen unless you do something about it. You’ll have to contact them more than once to get your money. This could be three or four times. And even then, you’re not going to get your money unless you threaten to sue them.

2) They don’t refund. If you’re just a buyer of one of their products, and you are not happy, they claim to provide a refund within sixty days. Just like the commission payments due the affiliate, an unsatisfied customer has to go through the same frustrating process before receiving a refund.

3) They’ll shortchange you on commissions. Affiliates are attracted to promoting Clickbank products because they claim to average commissions of about fifty percent. Some claim to be as high as seventy five percent. After Clickbank adds their various fees, you will find out that you have not earned as much as you thought. When deciding to promote a Clickbank product, the commission looks good. Sell it, earn the commission, and it doesn’t look so good.

4) Their products are junk. I’ve purchased many Clickbank products over the last five years. Not one has lived up to its claims. Two products that I purchased for $47 are now listed at $17. I even had re-sell rights for one. I listed it on Ebay for $2 dollars and still couldn’t sell it.

What does this tell you? Many people who give an HONEST review of a Clickbank product will say, “This is just another Clickbank product that has bitten the dust.” The products have a very bad reputation among the customers, the very people affiliates are trying to convince to buy the products. The last time I tried to promote a Clickbank product, here’s a reply I received. This will show you what people really think the Company and their products.


5) Most creators of Clickbank products are shysters. Anyone can create a Clickbank product, on any subject. Just pick one, research it on Google or Yahoo, copy and paste what you read, re-create it with a article spinner and compile it into an ebook. To make your product look better, you can hit the printscreen key, create an image and link it to a website. Some even compile this into a video, thinking this will help the product sell better, and make it more attractive to the public.

Unfortunately for these shysters, the public is much smarter than they think. A Clickbank product claims it will help someone solve a problem, based on proven methods. This means, the creator had to test it, and experience good results with the product before selling it to the public. If a scammer creates a product like, How to Make Money with, How to Lose 30 Pounds in Two Weeks, or How to Get Your Lover Back, will it work? Probably not, but no one knows, not even the creator of the product. Scammers deceive people this way because they think this is their chance to generate some fast bucks – A Cash Cow.

6) Most of the money making products are about making money with Clickbank. This should be illegal. Most of the products in the E-BUSINESS & E-MARKETING category of Clickbank are about making money as an affiliate on Clickbank. This is not original or unique. It is also very tacky, and shows incredibly bad taste. I can’t understand why Clickbank would even allow this.

7) People don’t know what they’re buying. Forget about buying Clickbank products. You don’t know what you’re getting until you get it. Then, when you get it, it’s not going to be what you thought it would be. Also, forget about promoting Clickbank products. You’re not going to make any money at it. People who say you’ll make money at it are trying to hustle you, because they couldn’t cut it as an affiliate.

You can’t sell an INTANGIBLE PRODUCT ON THE INTERNET. At least if you promote a product like what you see below, people know what they’re going to get before they get it.

Nikon Coolpix S2800 20.1 MP Point and Shoot Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom (Black)

8) Clickbank product reviews are fake and phony. When someone posts a product review on a website, they were supposed to have purchased the product, reviewed it and tried it out. Over the last five years, I’ve only created one Clickbank product. One was enough. What I had to go through to create it and set it up on Clickbank was a nightmare.

About a week after Clickbank approved the product, I ran a Google search, and found over a hundred reviews for my product. But where were the sales? Uh oh! There were none. Some of these reviews were from people who claimed to have purchased and used the product. Others just copied and pasted from my sales page, and posted MY content to their websites. They didn’t ask my permission. They just did it. They didn’t even use an article spinner. This is not only a violation of Google’s policy on original content. This is plagiarism, and should be punishable by imprisonment. But I’m not going to press charges, because at heart, I’m basically a nice guy.

9) Clickbank will HIJACK your commission. When your product is approved by Clickbank, they provide a code that you’re required to insert into your sales page. This links the customer to the payment page. At the bottom of this page is your Clickbank user name, which assures you that you get credit for the sale. Many Clickbank vendors try to sell the product themselves, in addition to getting affiliates to sell it. In this case, they get the full price, instead of paying out a commission.

Several months after my product was approved, I noticed that the user name at the bottom of the payment page was not mine. Others could have sold the product from the direct link, instead of the affiliate link, and I wouldn’t have earned a cent. Someone could have made money from my work. According to Clickbank, this did not happen. At least, this is what I was told. If the product reviews were accurate, Clickbank is lying out of their you know what! If Clickbank is telling the truth, there are some shady affiliates out there. The questions are, Who’s lying? and Who’s telling the truth? Could this be an inside operation, engineered by the masters themselves, Clickbank?

10) No one respects Clickbank. If you mention Clickbank to anyone in internet marketing, the look on their face looks as if they’ve just walked into a filthy public restroom. The reaction is negative. One of the most respected websites is Wikipedia. If you go to their home page, and search for Clickbank, you will see the following disclaimer.


11) Creators of products are filled with HYPE. Many Clickbank products are promoted by people who are well-know in internet marketing. These people love to tell you how great they are, and how much money they’ve made. Think about this. If you made millions of dollars on the internet, would you broadcast it to the world? Of course you wouldn’t. Think about these two questions. First, if you were able to generate over a million dollars a year, would you create a product showing everyone how you did it? Second, would you need to sell a product for money if you were making over a million dollars a year? I don’t know about you, by my answer to both questions is NO, but HELL NO! If these gurus have to earn money by selling a product showing how they made money, chances are they didn’t make the money they claimed to have made.

Many people on the internet give advice on money, and making money, and that’s fine. It’s even in good taste to share some personal experiences and some money making ideas that have worked for them. My good friend, Charlie, gives you advice on money matters all the time, based on the personal experiences he has had. He has never claimed to be a millionaire. He’s never claimed to be anything but what he is. But when these gurus start bragging about the millions they’ve made, and try to convince you that they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread, there’s something suspicious going on. This is nothing but hype, and that’s all you see with Clickbank.

12) Too many people are promoting on Clickbank. By this time, I should have convinced you that you’re not going to make any money with Clickbank. Too many people are trying to promote something that people don’t understand, know about, want, respect, and finally don’t care about. Clickbank products are NOTHING. The people promoting their products are trying to convince people that this is exactly what they want – NOTHING. Wow, this is the ultimate paradox – to make people feel good about wanting NOTHING. This is hard enough to do if only three people are promoting their products. Just think of how much more difficult it is with millions promoting them.

Clickbank products are those fly-by-night items that people come across by accident. People were not looking for them in the first place. Do you think they’re going to do back flips when they discover them. Again, my answer is, NO, but HELL NO! Video Games are the hottest items on the planet right now. If you are looking for the two hottest Video Games below, you know where to find them, right? Sure you do. You know what you want, where to go, and you go right to them. But if you’re looking for a way to make money online, are you going to Clickbank and look for Google Sniper, Take Surveys for Cash, or The CB Passive Income? Once again, my answer is the same as above.

Battlefield 4 Premium Edition  $20 PlayStation Store Gift Card

Reason Number 13 why Clickbank Sucks

I’m not superstitious. The number, 13, does not bother me. Some of my best days have been on a Friday the 13th. But the number, 13, may not be as lucky for Clickbank.

It’s my opinion that Clickbank is allowing some very suspicious operations within their organization. By organization, I mean their products, their vendors and their affiliates. I don’t want to believe that Clickbank is doing anything suspicious, but I have my doubts. I have seen too many questionable tactics recently.

To become a vendor, your product has to go through their screening process for approval. The one product I created was approved, with no questions asked. A Clickbank representative once told me, “Write an ebook, and if it’s fairly good, we’ll approve it with no problem. We want your business.”

Clickbank should tighten their policy on what they approve. Most of their products are junk. But if they did this, they’d probably have very few products to sell.

To become an affiliate for Clickbank, all you have to do is apply online, and you are good to go in five minutes. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m sure that many of their affiliates are honest and reputable. On the other hand, many of them are nothing but riff raff.

Most of the exceptional affiliate programs out there, such as, Home Depot, Weight Watchers, and Toys R Us are very fine programs, but are also difficult to get into. The better programs are harder to join. There is an exception to this rule. The greatest affiliate program on the planet will approve you immediately. This is Amazon. But I’m not going to compare Amazon with Clickbank. This is like comparing a rib eye steak with a slice of three month old bologna. There is no comparison.

All I’m suggesting is that Clickbank tighten their policy on allowing affiliates into their program. But they’ll never do this. The more affiliates they have promoting their products, the more publicity they get. But is this good publicity?

I don’t think so.

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Things were not always so good for me, especially when I started my business. There were many times when I couldn’t even have the necessities of life. I came within an eyelash of losing my home. What I needed was a miracle, and that’s exactly what I got. But it didn’t just come to me. I created my own miracle. I have that miracle compiled just for you, so you won’t have to go through what I went through. I have always been here, and am still here to help you with your money issues any way I can.

Don’t let life get you down. Be a fighter

If you have a financial problem, I want you to learn what I learned, which is, It’s not the end of the world. You are not going to be handed a problem that you will not be able to resolve. Being without money and not able to afford the basic things you need to live is a problem. But there are ways to overcome it, and that’s what I discovered when I was down, and almost out. This is what you have to do.

  • First, calm down, take a deep breath, clear your mind of your problems and just think. Of course I prayed a lot too. This always helps. But once your mind is clear, you will be able to focus on the things you need to do to get you out of a problem situation.
  • Second, always keep your cool. You will not solve any problem unless you keep your cool.
  • Third, believe in yourself. If I can do it, so can you.
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I want to present you with a challenge, right now. If you have failed more than once, but are still trying, I want to know what it is that makes you keep trying. It is very important to me that I know this. Read this very short article, and then let me know by sending me a comment. I am very interested in hearing what you have to say.

colonel-sandersWhat’s the secret to becoming a successful entrepreneur? There are two. First, try to SUCCEED, and don’t try NOT TO FAIL. Second, no matter what, KEEP TRYING.

If you don’t want to fail, it’s very easy. Don’t even try. Now, you’re defeating your purpose. You’re going to fail, and probably many times before you succeed. Think about these facts:

Sylvester Stalone’s story of Rocky was rejected 1,500 times before it was accepted.

Ted Williams had a lifetime batting average of 344. This means that the greatest hitter of all time failed 656 times.

Colonel Sanders unsuccessfully tried to sell his secret fried chicken recipe 1,009 times before it was accepted, and became a success.

Thomas Edison created over 10,000 light bulbs that didn’t work before successfully creating the one that changed everything.

Michael Jordan missed over 300 shots that would have won the game during his career.

Mark Cuban spent many days eating mustard and ketchup sandwiches.

Why were these people successful?

These people were successful for one reason. They failed. You’re going to fail, and many times. But another certainty is, you’re not going to be successful unless you fail.

Failure Means Nothing

If you fail, you have achieved something positive. You have achieved the motivation to keep trying. Fail 100 times, and you still have the motivation to keep trying.

Succeed one time, and the previous 100 failures mean nothing, because, YOU ARE SET FOR LIFE.

How many times have you failed? What’s your secret to keep trying? We want to know. Please leave your answer to these two questions in a comment below.